USB-C & USB 3.1 Flash Drive



Easily transfer big files from your USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Devices with our 32Gb Flash Drive. The Wiplabs Dual Flash Drive has a soft touch finish and also works with USB-C Smart Phones. 

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Beautiful USB-C and USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Thanks to its unique design the Wiplabs USB-C / 3.1 thumb will work with any computer (Mac or Windows) and allow you to easily transfer files from one standard to the other. It's rubberized finish gives the drive a soft and luxurious touch and feel.

Increasingly more products will have the new USB Type-C connector while many existing computers will continue to use the existing USB 3 connector. This new innovative flash drive closes the gap between the two technologies. 

Other Key Features:
  • Works with all USB Type-C products 
  • Size: L 2.8 - W 0.8 - D 0.3 inches
  • Memory of 32Gb
  • Fast Read 50MB/s & Write 30MB/s Speeds

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