TacPen - 4 in 1 Tactical Pen



4 in 1, Tactical Pen Military & Police Grade Self Defense Pen Survival - Tactical LED Flashlight, Glass Breaker, Ballpoint Pen and Razor Knife. A must have for your car that could save in the event of an accident. 

A pen everyone should have in their car!

Your TacPen will allow you to break your car window in the event of an accident. The sharp knife can be use to cut and free yourself from a stranded seat belt. The Mini Mag-light can be useful if you need to change your tires on a dark road. Lat but not least it's always useful to have a ballpoint pen. Make sure the pen is stored within arm reach of the driver in your car! It can also be a useful self defense solution. Batteries for the Tactical LED are included



The Pen is made out of very durable high grade aluminum and will last forever. 

Other Key Features:
  • Tactical LED Lamp
  • Razor Sharp Knife 
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Glass Breaker
  • Available in 3 colors


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