Stagg EKG - High Tech Stylish Electric Kettle

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Say hello to Stagg EKG, an electric pour-over kettle that pours as good as it looks. Yours for the pursuit of liquid concoction excellence. (Only Normal Version Available)


Category: Home Interior, Well Being

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Product Description & Tech Spec

Product Description:

Brewing coffee is like baking a cake. Sure, you can bake all your batters at 350°F, but you’re going to get quite a few burnt bottoms and gooey middles. And sure, you can brew your coffee at “about” boiling, but you’re cutting yourself short in producing the best tasting cup of coffee. The bean, roast, grind size, and brew method all factor into the temperature. Heck, even the age of your bag matters. Did you know that freshly roasted coffee should be brewed at a higher temp than an older bag of beans? With Stagg EKG, you have complete control of temperature with a touch of a button.

Tech Specs:

  • Precision Pour Spout
  • Counterbalanced Handle
  • Temperatures in Farenheit and Celcius
  • One Litter Capacity
  • Very Precise temperature control with Hold Function
  • LCD Temperature Screen
  • Rising Temperature Nob

Crowdfunding Details:

  • Platform: Indiegogo
  • Number of Backers: 2904
  • Backed Amount: $447,235
  • Date: May 2017

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