Slope - Universal Stand for Tablets

Simple, Beautiful and Universal Tablet Stand with Gecko-Lizard Grip (Micro-suction Rubber). Available in two sizes, Slope for 9.4inch Tablets and Slope Mini for 8inch Tablets.

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Type: Stand

Simple, Beautiful and Universal Tablet Stand

Slope employs a unique suction technology for attachment—microscopic suction, that is. Its two pads are comprised of a special make of foam—Nanofoam—laden with thousands of microscopic air pockets across its surface that act like tiny suction cups. Pressing an object with a flat surface against Nanofoam forces air out of the pockets creating a vacuum. Vacuum brings suction, suction secures grip.

Gripping square from behind, Slope gets entirely out of the way of the tablet freeing up all four corners and sides for a supremely minimal experience. Elegant. Simple.



Slope's suction pad underneath grips the table for firm anchorage and a solid feel. Your pressing, swiping and pinching are fully buttressed. No tipping or sliding.

Other Key Features:
  • Universal, works with all Tablets
  • Very Robust it will last for ever
  • The micro-suction poor can be cleaned with water
  • Available in two versions Slope (Normal) and Slope Mini
  • Crafted from the same Anodized Aluminum as the Apple iPad


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