Pronto - Premium Super Fast Charging Battery Pack

Pronto 5 and 12 premium battery pack charges insanely fast so that you can charge your mobile devices on-the-go. It stores enough power to charge your smartphone several times yet is small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.

Product Description & Tech Spec

Pronto 5 and 12 premium battery packs are workhorses of all battery packs. Pronto 5 has a 4500mAh Battery and it can charge your Smartphone 2 to 3 times with a single 3A USB Output. Pronto 12 has a 13500mAh and can't charge your smartphone 6 to 9 times with a Dual 3A USB Output.

Crowdfunding Details:

  • Platform: Kickstater
  • Number of Backers: 2,900
  • Backed Amount: 375,249
  • Date: Feb 2015

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