PLUB: Don't plug in, PLUB in!

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Make wired headphones wireless! PLUB is the most affordable, compact and simplest-to-use affordable Bluetooth receiver. PLUB is the minimalist Bluetooth receiver that makes any wired headphones wireless.


Category: Accessory, Bluetooth, Earphones

Product Description & Tech Spec

PLUB by Wiplabs SQ1

Product Description:

PLUB is compatible with all headphones that receive audio through a 3.5 mm cable allowing the user to make any currently owned headphone wireless. PLUB distinguishes itself as the most affordable, lightest, and easy-to-use Bluetooth receiver which emits sound alerts to indicate pairing, connection and battery status. PLUB was created using a minimalist approach, stripping the Bluetooth receiver down to only essential functions and essential design. PLUB offers no-button control. By simply plugging in, PLUB will turn ON and auto-pair through Bluetooth 4.1 to the nearest smart device. Controls supported include volume, play/pause, take call and more. Charging status is indicated through a single white LED.

PLUB by 

Wiplabs SQ2

Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions 12mmx12mm x48mm
  • Weight 10g
  • Battery 120mAh 5Hours Playback
  • aptX Audio codec
  • ACC. Neckband
PLUB by 

Wiplabs SQ3

Crowdfunding Details:

  • Platform: Kickstarter
  • Number of Backers: 986
  • Backed Amount: $46.016
  • Date: Sept 2017

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