Pen Type A

Pen Type-A is a stainless steel replacement for the Hi-Tec-C's cheap plastic housing. To us, the Hi-Tec-C cartridges deserve a more durable home.

The design is minimal, the construction is super solid, and indestructible to protect and cherish these coveted ink cartridges. ŒæIt has a dime screw on one end to allow for easy ink cartridge replacement. ŒæIts shaft is a solid smooth surface with no branding, no fancy grip or grooves, and just the right thickness and weight so it feels comfortable in your hand. ŒæThe entire piece is milled and turned from a block of 304 stainless steel. ŒæThe raw steel finish today is how itäó»ll look 50 years from now. ŒæThis thing will last forever.Œæ

The pen slides slowly into its sleeve, which doubles as a ruler. ξThe notches on the ruler are in cm and inches. ξAn internal lip at the bottom of the sleeve protects the tip from getting shoved in any further than it should. The tiny amount of space between the sleeve and the pen creates an effect like a pneumatic cylinder, so the pen slides in slow and smooth.


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