KickCharge - Pre-Charged Emergency Phone Charger

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KickCharge was created for situations that require you to almost instantly get your powerless mobile device functioning until you have access to traditional power sources.

Product Description & Tech Spec

Product Description:

We’ve all been’re trying to make an important/emergency phone call, you’re trying to change travel plans at an airport due to a cancelled flight, you’re waiting on the street for your car service, you’re about to take a video of your child playing soccer, but... your mobile phone is about to shut down because it’s nearly out of power. We can no longer afford to be disconnected. From phone calls to emails to texts to banking to transportation arrangements to restaurant reservations to social media, our reliance on our mobile devices continues to increase, but one major problem still exists: battery life. Providing a solution to this problem will attract customers who would not normally frequent your business. That can result in new regular customers who will add revenue above their business relating to solving the problem.

Tech Specs:

  • Ultra-compact ABS body that is only
  • Lithium-ion battery comes fully charged
  • With an output of DC5V/500mA
  • Disposable with no cords or power supply
  • Prolongs charger service time.
  • Automatic temperature control and protection

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