Jump Cable - Compact Cable and Battery in One

The simplest ideas are the best: Cable + Battery + Intelligent Circuitry = JUMP. The first charging solution that fits your lifestyle. An emergency lightweight power bank in a neat charging cable. 

Product Description & Tech Spec

Product Description:

JUMP is not just a charging cable; it also provides your smartphone with a substantial power boost wherever you are, without ever having to remember to charge it. Perfect for work, play, and travel. It packs 800mAh into this compact form factor that weighs less than two AA batteries. This provides over 3 hours additional talk-time: more than enough time to get you out of (or into) trouble. Unlike power banks, JUMP charges automatically every time you charge your phone, giving you complete reassurance that whatever situation you are in, there’s always power in your pocket.

Tech Specs:

  • Power Bank and Charging Cable
  • 800mAh battery that provides 3h extra talk time
  • Charges itself at while it charges your iPhone
  • Allows Data Sync
  • Light Weight 0.09lb
  • Durable Nylon Cable

Crowdfunding Details:

  • Platform: Kickstarter
  • Number of Backers: 6,039
  • Backed Amount: $372,039
  • Date: Jan 2014

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