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One dock for all your lightning iPhones, iPads and iPods with or without their cover! Introducing the iDockAll. Thanks to its design it allow you to pick you and use your device without interrupting the charge

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The Ultimate Docking Solution for Apple Products

The iDockAll Lightning is a non-constraining docking solution that works with all iPhones (including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7), iPads (including the iPad Air & Air 2) and iPods (Only for the lightning connector). Thanks to its innovative design it will allow you to pick up your devices while it's connected and use it without interrupting the charging or syncing. Made out of sand blasted aluminum so it has the same aesthetics as the Apple hardware products and it will blend in perfectly next to your iMac or MacBook

The non-constraining part is what makes the iDockAll truly unique.  The slot in the back will allow you to very easily dock your iPhone in and out without ever interrupting the charge.  

Other Key Features:
  • Entirely made out of high grade aluminum 
  • Stable & sturdy, weighing 8.4 ounces (240Gr)
  • Only for the lightning connector
  • Will be compatible with future generations of Apple iPhone, iPads and iPods

The last Dock you will ever need

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