Glass Wall Stand



Cable Free Wall Stand and Charger for Google Glass and other small Micro USB devices. Like a GoPro for example. 


Category: Charger, Glass, Google

Type: Charger

Cable Free Charger for Google Glass

The Glass Wall Charger is the simplest yet most essential Google Glass charger available. Just plug it into a wall outlet where you can conveniently dock and charge your Glass cable free. It will keep your device off tables and countertops and remove the need for wires. All while matching beautifully with the design and look of Google Glass.

Not only will the Glass Wall Stand free you from the hassle of carrying a cable it will also better protect your Glass when charging them on a wall. 

Other Key Features:
  • Works with other Micro USB Products
  • Works on both 110v & 220v Networks
  • Very Light 1.7 ounces (50Gr)
  • Very Small: W&H&L are 1,06 inch (28mm)

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