Flosstime is a smart floss dispenser elegantly designed to help you build daily flossing habits. We know we're supposed to floss, but most of us forget. Traditional floss dispensers are old, outdated and hard to remember. Flosstime is a habit-forming device that will make flossing fun and nearly impossible to forget (patent-pending).ξFlosstime easily mounts to your bathroom mirror or wall with durable and removable microsuction tape or an adhesive strip.ξWith a push of a button, Flosstime automatically dispenses exactly 18 inches of floss, the amount recommended by dentists and the American Dental Association.ξOur research shows that the biggest problem with flossing is simply getting the floss into your hands. Once it's there, almost everyone flosses properly! The automatic dispensing mechanism makes it easier for you to start flossing and removes the worry of having too much or too little. Package includes 3 FlosstimeξReplacement FlossξCartridge.

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