Apple Watch Wall Stand



Neatly charge your Apple Watch directly on the wall with the Wiplabs Apple Watch Wall Charger. It works with all Apple Watches and all bracelets. No more visible cables!

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Wall Charger for your Apple Watch

Thanks to its unique design the Wiplabs Apple Watch Wall Charger will allow you to charge your watch on any wall socket while neatly storing the MagSafe cable. This means all versions of the cable, whether it be the 6ft (2m) Apple Watch Sport version or the 3.3ft (1m) metal version of the Apple Watch.

Please note, the stand does not come with a MagSafe cable.

The design allows you to use the Apple Charging cube in either direction (vertical and horizontal), which means all outlets are accounted for. The wide opening around the cube allows for air to flow, to insure that the block stays cool.

Other Key Features:
  • Made of premium PVC with a rubberized finish
  • Stable & sturdy
  • Dual direction cube integration
  • Design allows for easy air circulation, keeping the charging block cool

Neat, Cableless Charging for your Apple Watch

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