iMacompanion - Front USB Port for iMac



The iMacompanion is a front USB 3.0 port for your iMac. It will give you easy access to one or more (you can install more than one) USB Ports of your iMac while blending it perfectly as it's made out of the same materials. 

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Front USB Port for your iMac

The iMacompanion will change your life when it comes to accessing the USB ports of your iMac.   Made out of sand blasted aluminum so it will create a harmonious look with the same aesthetics as your iMac. Its paper thin cable runs under the foot of the iMac in order to keep your desk completely cable free! If you want to bring more than one port to the front of your iMac you can put two iMacompanions next to each other. 

It's very easy to install. Tilt your iMac, let it rest on its edge and then just pass the paper thin cable under its foot. Then plug in the USB port and you're done!

Other Key Features:
  • Entirely made out of high grade aluminum
  • Transfer Speed up to 40 Mbps
  • Works with all iMacs from 2004 onward!
  • Will be compatible with future generations of Apple iMac

Very Easy to Install

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