DeskView - A Window Office Anywhere

Have a window office anywhere with this window-mounted, portable standing desk.

Product Description & Tech Spec

Product Description:

DeskView gives glass a new purpose. In under 5 seconds, DeskView converts your window or any non-porous surface into an ultra-sturdy standing desk or high-end floating display. GeekWire raves that DeskView “creates a more inviting and healthy workspace” and InsideHook boasts “it’s going to reimagine how and where you work. Truly.” DeskView allows you to upgrade your home or office in ways never before possible. With it’s lightweight, portable design, where would you use DeskView?

Tech Specs:

  • 25 ” x 12 ” working surface
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum housings
  • Industrial-grade, ultra-durable vacuum force discs
  • 7 lbs (varies by working surface)
  • 120 lbs max. tested load capacity

Available in:

  • Clear
  • Wood
  • White

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