4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 19th, 2015

by Chris Johnson August 20, 2015


It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


Chestnut - The ultimate dock for your smartwatch

The Chestnut, by enveo, is a Danish designed smartwatch dock working with the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time.


What Is The Chestnut?

Chestnut (by enveo) is a minimalistic smartwatch dock for your nightstand or desk. Our smartwatches need a safe and reliable home to recharge, while we are recharging ourselves – that’s why we designed the Chestnut. An incredible easy to use dock, which is currently compatible with both the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time smartwatches.

We have designed an unique interchangeable silicone ring, which allows the Chestnut to be compatible with even more brands in the future - so the functionality of the dock will become even greater. That is why you do not have to panic if you buy a new smartwatch, just change the silicone ring, and you are good to go.

The Chestnut's Features

  • Innovative design fits all strap designs
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch and Pebble Time smartwatches
  • Cordwell hiding unnecessary wire
  • Minimalistic Danish design
  • Perfect sized for tableside or desk
  • Sustainable sourced materials

Perfectly angled for Nightstand mode. The Chestnut dock is angled in a 45 degree angel ensuring full functionality, while your smartwatch is charging and furthermore enables the Apple Watch Nightstand mode.

You can see the entire screen – making it a great friend if you are an app-developer, updating it or just playing with it.

Fits many strap designs. Chestnut is compatible with a broad array of strap designs. We have spent numerous days figuring out a perfect shape, size and design, to accommodate the diversity of smartwatches and making a truly innovative and functional product. 

  • The Chestnut dock is compatible with the following Apple Watch straps; Modern Buckle,Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Classic Buckle, Sports Band.
  • The Chestnut dock is compatible with the Pebble Time and Pebble Steel leather andstainless steel strap.

Hides the cord. Everybody hates clutter, that's why we've integrated a cordwell in the Chestnut dock, where surplus cord safely can be tucked away. This ensures a tidy and clean working space and fumble free sleeping environment.


With 34 days to go the Chestnut has raised kr8,928 out of their original kr65,000 goal.

You can still get in on the early bird specials for kr300 (about $45)!

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



Right Dock for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android Devices

The Right Dock is a versatile docking solution for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Android Devices.


About The Right Dock

RIGHT DOCK is a unique and versatile dock which allows you to easily dock all your mobile devices.

Precisely machined from premium aluminum and anodized in silver or black with adjustable Oak wood backing. (More materials and colors will be available if stretched goal is reached)

  • Small and elegant design.
  • Adjustable connector height and backing allows using your device with or without a case.
  • Easy one handed docking and undocking
  • Future-proof design. Don't have the Apple Watch yet but might get one in the future? No problem the D1 can easily be upgraded to the D2, allowing charging of both the iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Multiple colors and materials to fit your design.

Multiple Dock Options

"With our modular design we surely have a solution that is right for your mobile device. Ranging from the single device D1 dock up to the D3 which offers charging for 3 devices at once. All models are available in multiple colors and materials.

D1: 1 iPhone, iPad or iPod. Upgradeable to D2.
D1USB: 1 Micro-USB or USB-C device. Upgradeable to D2
D1W: 1 Apple Watch
D2: 1 iPhone or iPod and 1 Apple Watch.
D2NS: 1 iPhone or iPod and 1 Apple Watch (can use Nightstand Mode)
D3: 1 iPhone or iPod and 2 Apple Watches.

Our docks are compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPod, iPad Mini, iPad Air and future mobile devices with lightning connector."


With 29 days to go, the Right Dock has only just gotten started with $346 CAD raised compared to their $25,000 goal - go back and support this project!

You can still get in as an early bird for as little as $42.95

Estimated delivery date: October 2015

Right Dock


iScream - Smart Double Flavour Ice Cream Maker

iScream is a true smart home kitchen appliance that brings the best ice cream to your home.

Meet The iScream

iScream is not just about ice cream, it’s the whole experience...

Go out with your kids and pick some raspberries, prepare the mixture that you know it’s healthy and delicious, then let the kids watch how the best ice cream is made.

Combine that experience and family time with that delicious dessert you’ve just made and you’ll understand what iScream is all about. It really is unique.

iScream is a new age, double flavor ice cream maker that connects to your smartphone of choice.

Double Flavour Bowl

iScream is not only defined by the connectivity and a great app, but a double flavor bowl design separates it from other ice cream makers.

Now you will be able to make not only one but two different tastes at once.



With 29 days to go, the iScream has successfully raised $66,733 compared to their original $50,000 goal.

With early bird specials gone, you can get yours for $189.

Estimated delivery date: July 2016



OURA ring. Improve sleep. Perform better

OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.

What Is The Oura?

ŌURA is a revolutionary wellness ring and app, designed to help you get more restful sleep and perform better. It enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep, and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to perform.

The ŌURA ring can automatically tell when you are sleeping. When you go to sleep, the ŌURA ring analyzes the quality of your rest and recovery by measuring your heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. While you are awake, it monitors the duration and intensity of your activities, and the time you spend sitting.

The ŌURA app integrates and visualizes this data to identify patterns between your sleep quality and daily activities. By understanding how well you slept and recharged, it can determine your readiness to perform and help you adjust the intensity and duration of your day’s activities. It can also uncover actionable insights for changes to your daily activities that can help you sleep better.

Sleep Better

Sleep quality has a profound impact on your daily performance, well-being and overall quality of life.

ŌURA works wherever and whenever you sleep. There is no need notify the ring or app that you are planning to turn in. ŌURA is so smart that it knows when you are sleeping.

With its proprietary technology and algorithms, the ŌURA ring identifies deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and periods of wakefulness. This information is used to create nightly sleep profiles and to gauge the quality of your sleep. A balanced sleep profile is important to help you recharge your body and mind during sleep.

While you sleep, the ŌURA ring continuously measures your pulse waveform, the exact time between heartbeats, and your body temperature. From these data points it calculates your heart rate, respiration rate and other parameters needed to accurately analyze sleep in order to create your sleep profile.

The sleep profiles produced by ŌURA parallel the profiles produced by the gold standard of sleep laboratory instruments.

Optimize Performance

If you want to improve your sleep quality, tracking your sleep is not enough. Many other factors, like your physical activities, daily rhythms and lifestyle choices, influence your ability to get restful sleep. ŌURA helps you understand the effect of these factors on your sleep quality.

Your sleep quality and your lifestyle also impact your ability, or readiness, to perform during the day. ŌURA helps you understand how your sleep and activities contribute to your readiness. It can even help you identify which daily practices are most effective at helping you recharge.

During the day, the ŌURA ring automatically measures your physical activity and time spent sitting. The app delivers actionable recommendations to adjust the intensity, duration and timing of your activities based on your readiness to perform. It also offers activity-related suggestions to help you get more restful sleep at night.

When prompted via the app, the ŌURA ring can also measure your physiological response to activities during the day. This enables ŌURA to learn what practices help you recharge, and to offer suggestions that help you maintain a state of readiness throughout the day.

With 36 days to go the Oura has hit its funding goal with $103,266 raised as compared to the original $100,000 goal.

There are still some early bird specials left starting at $199.

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



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