4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 12th, 2015

by Chris Johnson August 12, 2015


It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


Nebia Shower - Better experience, 70% less water

A showerhead that is better in every way. A superior experience, iconic design, and 70% water savings.

What Is Nebia?

You've taken thousands of showers. You've never experienced Nebia. Nebia’s design and engineering provides a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense.

Nebia is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that showers you with water like you’ve never experienced before. Nebia atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than your regular shower. With Nebia, more water comes into contact with your body, leaving your skin clean and hydrated all while using less water than a typical household showerhead. In fact, Nebia uses 70% less water than a typical household showerhead. For the average U.S. home, Nebia pays for itself in less than two years.

According to the creators:

"We have been working on Nebia for nearly 5 years and we have developed numerous iterations and prototypes. Along the way, we adopted technologies from aerospace engineering to optimize every aspect of our shower nozzles and to create our H2MICRO™ technology. The result is a patent-pending breakthrough in an industry that has fostered remarkably little innovation in over a century.

At Nebia, we set out to create a shower that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to meet what’s next. Hundreds of people have showered under Nebia and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Now we are ready to share Nebia with the world."


Reduced Water Consumption With Nebia

Nebia establishes an entirely new standard in water use, reducing shower water consumption by up to 70%.

With Nebia, we will enable millions of people to take ownership over their daily shower, save thousands of gallons of water per year, and substantially reduce their overall environmental impact. 

A regular shower vs Nebia. Nebia wins with 70% less water.

Nebia also helps you conserve energy. Traditional household showers consume markedly more energy than a Nebia just to heat the water and the majority of that hot water goes straight down the drain. Nebia is 13 times more efficient at delivering the heat you pay for to your body, making your daily shower in a Nebia 13 times more thermally efficient.

The combination of Nebia’s water and energy savings translates to lower monthly utility bills. You’ll not only feel good about using Nebia on a daily basis; your pocket book will also thank you. 


With rumored investors such as Tim Cook (from Apple), the Nebia has raised a massive $833,711 compared to their original $100,000 goal and there are still 30 days to go!

Most early bird deals are gone but you can still get yours for $269!

Estimated delivery date: May 2016



MiStand+ Aluminium Tablet Stand iPad, Galaxy, Kindle & more!

The MiStand has evolved...introducing MiStand+, precision crafted aluminium stand designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

About The MiStand+

"We didn't want to change things just for the sake of it. Every design decision has a functional purpose so that we could make a better product.

We read through every comment on Kickstarter and every e-mail we have received since launching the MiStand, and got to work on improving it."

The base of MiStand+ has been carefully tapered to improve ergonomics and to reduce the weight of the new design.

A cable slot has been milled in to the back face of MiStand+ to allow any standard USB cable to pass through. This is great for backers who like to place their MiStand+ on a desk or bedside cabinet and charge their tablet.

Goodbye MicroSuction...

"MicroSuction is a facinating material. We loved using it during our first two projects, so we know its benefits and limitations.

We wanted the original MiStand to be compatible with or without a case so included some sticky pads to increase the effectiveness when using it with tablet cases.

They worked, but it was not ideal having separate pads; we wanted the MiStand+ to "just work" so when we started work on MiStand+ we said goodbye MicroSuction and after a lot of testing and tweaking we said..."

Hello Polyurethane!

MiStand+ comes with all new polyurethane pads which work whether you use a tablet case or not! The material is non-adhesive yet sticky. It doesn't leave any residue on your fingers or device.

Fluid 3D Rotation...With More Power

"When the original MiStand was launched the magnetic joint was designed to work with the majority of tablets.

As time has passed, tablets have increased in size and weight so we needed to improve the magnetic joint. MiStand+ comes with an all new neodymium rare-earth magnet, which is 33% more powerful. This means that even the heaviest tablets work great with MiStand+."


With 29 days to go, the MiStand+ has raised £30,659, 6 times the original goal of £5,000!

You can still get a not quite early bird special for £28!

Estimated delivery date: December 2015



Intrvl Band: The Wearable Personal Trainer

A personal trainer on your wrist, that utilizes High Intensity Intervals to optimize any and all of your exercise routines.


The personal training band with programmed interval timing functions to optimize any and all of your exercise routines. 

This isn't another $300 health tracker - this is the best tool available to bring your workouts to the next level. Add intervals to any workout using the interval band, and start burning more fat & calories today.

    The Beauty Of The INTRVL BAND 

    It can be used with ANY existing workout. Keep your regular workout routine, but add intervals - periods of high intensity work, followed by shorter periods of rest.

    This technique is scientifically proven to optimize your workouts, making them not only more effective, but also significantly shorter. 

    Simply select your function, then tap the "GO" button, go flat out till the first vibration, then REST till the next, and go again! It's that simple.

    INTRVL Workout Packet 

    Each INTRVL BAND will also come with an instructional packet containing common interval exercises for you to add into your normal routine!

    We know you probably have a routine you love, and your timing is all you might need to change; these are just some suggestions for you if you feel like mixing things up.


    With 38 days to go, the Intrvl Band has hit about half of their funding goal, with $9,100 pledged out of the original $21,000 goal

    You can still get yours at an early bird price of $35.

    Estimated delivery date: December 2015

    Intrvl Band


    Gauss - Redefining Eye Protection for the Digital Age

    Gauss glasses protect your eyes in front of screens and outside with self-tinting lenses and a new, proprietary coating technology.

    What Is The Gauss?

    Your eyes are your gateway to the world and it makes sense for you to protect them. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV/A and UV/B radiation, but in our digital lives our eyes are increasingly exposed to other sources of harmful radiation that can cause eye strain and permanent damage. 

    Do your eyes ache when you look at a screen for hours? 

    With Gauss Eyewear, we have developed a solution that gives your eyes optimal protection throughout the whole day, regardless of whether you are outside in the sun or inside looking at the screen of a digital device.

    Our proprietary Blueguard coating reduces eye strain and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light radiation emitted by digital device screens that interferes with your melatonin production and can diminish your sleep quality.

    UV-blocking, high index lenses self-tint to give you the best of both worlds.

    Self-tinting lenses automatically adjust their brightness to your environment, while coatings and lenses ensure your eyes always stay protected.  

    Ultra-lightweight titanium frames make Gauss glasses among the lightest glasses ever made, and therefore the most comfortable to wear.  

    Gauss glasses come in 6 minimal, timeless designs and 4 different titanium color options: black, silver, brown and gun.

    With only 7 days to go, the Gauss has eclipsed its original €20,000 goal by raising €222,087!

    The majority of the early bird specials are gone but you can get your pair for €119

    Estimated delivery date: October 2015



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    Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson


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