4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 5th, 2015

by Chris Johnson August 05, 2015


It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


AQUA - World's Lightest Headphone Amplifier, Battery-free

Your listening experience reinvented. Live concerts on the go. Powerful. Featherlight. Stylish. And battery-free!

What Is Aqua?

AQUA is the world's only battery-free amplifier especially designed for headphones.

Through MicroUSB and iOS Lightning, AQUA connects directly to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. With its stylish design, it's your best friend for high quality music. It allows you to have awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Do you know that normally, however great the sound quality is, when it's played from a phone, it becomes 16bit/48kHz music. Hey that's lousy, right? It's like you're listening to music with some clothes in your ears. Pretty nasty, huh?

Why You Need Aqua

Is listening to music with your phone an everyday thing for you? If so, are you happy with the sound quality?

Actually, high sound quality is readily achievable. You don't need any loudspeaker or stereo set, but an AQUA. Let AQUA fulfill your heart's desire for studio-quality music anytime, anywhere. Whatever you're doing, jogging, on your way to work, or just chillaxing, enjoy an exquisite listening experience with AQUA!

Listening to music has become an indispensable part of life. Never is there a shortage of people saving up to buy pricy headphones, just to enjoy clarity and high quality music.

The price of those high-end headphones, however, isn't usually friendly or readily affordable. Do I have to spend so much money to enjoy quality music?

High-end Headphone Level of Sound Quality

AQUA, wIth the built-in high quality DAC (digital to analog converter,) and HiFi sound performance, gives your more than CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz.) AQUA presents 24-bit/192kHz quality sounds.

You can get the best listening experience without turning up the volume to 100. Crystal clear and full sound.

As of writing the Aqua has raised $34,158, double the original $16,000 goal and there are still 53 days to go!

The super early bird specials are gone but you can get in for $49.

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



SQUAIR Mobile - enjoy clean air wherever you go!

SQUAIR Mobile is the first portable air cleaner that combines HEPA & Carbon filter with state-of-the-art NON THERMAL PLASMA technology!


What Is the Squair?

SQUAIR is the only company using powerful Non Thermal Plasma to provide clean air by fighting: pollution, smoke, pollen, odors, mold and other harmful substances and gases.

 SQUAIR is a revolutionary way to clean the air:

- German made and patented Non Thermal Plasma Technology

- HEPA / Carbon filter cassettes for small particles

- Eliminates viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and harmful gases

- Removes smoke and odors

- Cleans up to 250 square feet or 25 square meter

- Filters 38 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter per minute with super silent fans

- Stunning design and great materials: titanium zinc alloy

- Fits in every car, office, hotel room or simply at home

- Air sensor satellite measuring PM 2.5, gases and temperature

- Connected via Bluetooth or WiFi to our SQUAIR App (only available with SQUAIR Satellite)

How Does Squair Work?

While most air purifiers are limited to one or two cleaning methods our goal was to achieve more. HEPA and carbon filter are truly effective when it comes to small particles and dust, but efficiency drops when killing viruses and bacteria.

That is why we use our German made and patented Non Thermal Plasma technology. Not only is NTP super strong with organic pollutants, it is extremely effective with harmful gases like formaldehyde. 

The Perfect Fit

When we designed the SQUAIR Mobile we wanted to make a product that is truly mobile.

Whether during your daily commute, long haul trips, driving for Uber or just simply, because you enjoy clean air in your car. In order to make the SQUAIR Mobile a car travel companion we had to take safety regulations into considerations.

Looking into every possible location inside the car we found only one spot that ensures safety and fits in every car around the world: the cup holder.

With 42 days to go, the Squair has raised €23,673, about half of their €55,000 goal.

Early bird specials are still available at €170, the Squair will retail for €280.

Estimated delivery date: December 2015



Tagonce - The Next Generation Luggage Tag

Tag your luggage with contact information by using your smartphone. Plan ahead, keep travel history and much more.

About Tagonce


  • You didn't have to write the same contact information on your luggage tag every time you travel
  • You can update your contact information at any time and from anywhere using your smartphone 
  • You can plan multiple journeys by entering future dates and places you are planning to stay and your contact information will change automatically based on this info 
  • You don't have to search for a luggage tag, at the airport 
  • You don't have to remember a pen 
  • People can easily scan and read your tag without the app  
  • People can send you messages using their smartphone if they find your luggage
  • The software and tag is designed, developed and produced in Denmark.  
  • The projected price at retail is $10 per tag. Get it here for a price as low as $5,5 
  • The app is 100 percent free to use after you buy the tag - no subscription

How Does Tagonce Work?

1. Attach the Tagonce tag to your lugagge and scan the tag


2. Enter your basic contact information

3. Enter where and when you are going

4. Enjoy your trip. The tag is now setup to display your contact information when scanned

Anyone with a smartphone is able to read your tag. The app is not needed.

If plans change, or you have to plan a new trip - you simply open the app and change the plans without needing to have your luggage next to you.


The Tagonce has raised kr92,017 out of their original kr45,000 goal and you can get your Tagonce for kr55, which is about $8!

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



GoFish Cam

GOFISH CAM: The Extreme Action-Adventure Camera for Fishing

What Is The GoFish Cam?

GoFish Cam is a patent pending wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that sits on your fishing line and captures the real action of the sport in conjunction with our mobile application.

What if the line snaps? * If the line snaps, the camera has an almost neutral buoyancy underwater, so it slowly floats up to the top. Also, in the near future, GoFish Cam may be offering a warranty program for GoFish Cam clients. Purchase the warranty policy, and in the case that you lose your camera, get a new camera at a heavy discount. Further details on this will be provided to our backers at a later date.

How GoFish Works


Equipped with HD 1080p color video and infrared lights for night vision, the GoFish Cam catches the complete underwater experience through a 170° wide-angle lens and built-in microphone even in the darkest of conditions.

It’s fishing like you’ve never seen before – trust us!

With 27 days left to go, the GoFish cam has raised $47,881 out of their $55,000 goal

You can get yours starting at $115 - help them reach their goal!

Estimated delivery date: February 2016



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Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson


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