Here Active Listening - Change The Way You Hear The World

by Chris Johnson June 05, 2015

Use two wireless buds and a smartphone app to control what you hear and how you hear it.

Whether you’re reading on the metro or at a concert, there are many reasons why you’d want control and curate the sounds you hear. Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening lets you do just that using two wireless in-ear buds plus a smartphone app. It won’t replace your existing headphones nor does it aim to: Here instead acts as a sort of equalizer and suppressor on your hearing by employing various technologies, for instance cutting out the sound of a jet engine, of a baby crying, or boost the bass at a show as you see fit. It also features a real world volume control to modify the magnitude of ambient noise, augments reality with sound effects or preset filters at your discretion, and fits away in its charging case which holds enough power to refill Here twice.


Source GearHungry 

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Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson


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