The All-New Roost Laptop Stand - Kickstarter Projects You Need To Check Out

by Chris Johnson May 26, 2015

All aboard the hype train - the new Roost is close!

The NEW Roost Laptop Stand

The new Roost is finally here! It is the one you have been waiting for! The design is done, the manufacturer signed. All the awesome details of the new Roost are shared below.

The new Roost Laptop Stand is the world's most portable, eye-level laptop stand that elevates your screen to prevent 'laptop hunch.' Used with a portable keyboard and mouse, or next to your desktop monitor, the Roost Laptop Stand transforms your laptop into a posture-perfect desktop workstation, literally anywhere.

2,500 backers pledged to get rid their “laptop hunch” for the Original Roost’s Kickstarter back in June 2013. James and the team delivered the Roosts largely on-time. And customers were thrilled with just how awesome and helpful the Roost truly was.  

Word spread quickly, and since then, 10,000 Roosts have been put to work relieving sore necks and supporting good posture.

Pre-orders start at pledges of $49, and the product will retail for between $80-90.

Estimated delivery date: Fall 2015

The All New Roost Laptop Stand


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Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson


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