Weather Point - Cancelled Kickstarter Projects That Need A Second Chance

by Chris Johnson May 28, 2015 1 Comment

We at BiteMyApple were so excited to talk about the Weather Point Kickstarter, only to find out on the 19th of May that it was cancelled! 

Obviously, all previous backers will receive a refund, but we're still disappointed to see this project not come to fruition.

Don't despair, the guys at Mind Lab plan relaunching their campaign shortly.

If you want to stay in touch and get news about this project send Mind Lab an email at

Weather Point - The World’s Smallest Weather Station

What is Weather Point? 

Weather Point is a brand new gadget that can change the way we think about the weather.

It is a small gadget compatible with mobile devices that serves as a thermometer, humidity meter, UV index & atmospheric pressure meter for your mobile devices.

This piece of hardware allows you to carry it and use anywhere and anytime – that means you literally have your own personal weather station that can fit in the palm of your hand! Weather Point supports iOS, Android and Windows. 

The launch would also include a Weather Point app which would also be compatible with all systems.

Why would you want Weather Point?

With Weather Point you'll have have your own personal weather station that can fit in the palm of your hand!

That’s great news to lot of people, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, hunting or fishing. Now you can do all this without an internet connection!

Prior to cancellation, Weather Point had more than doubled their goal, with £37,567 out of their initial £15,000 goal raised!

Pre-orders started at pledges of £15 or £12 for early backers. We imagine the amounts should be the same when the project relaunches!

Original Estimated delivery date: August 2015

Weather Point - The World’s Smallest Weather Station



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Chris Johnson
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June 25, 2015


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